Veronica Thomas – Pregnancy Counselor

TRUST BUILDING in relationships, HONESTY in the circumstances and the SECURITY of confidentiality.
Veronica Thomas holds a Master’s Degree in Counseling Psychology from an accredited Christian college and a Bachelor’s in Psychology. During her graduate program she fell in love with the process of God’s healing restoration in the lives of people. As someone who women (and men) can go to when they discover they are going to be a parent, Veronica enjoys & takes seriously her role as being the one to come alongside people in need of support.

You don’t know me yet, and I don’t know you. But we are more alike than we may think. We both have our likes and dislikes. We have a history and a future. We have our insecurities and our flaws. We have our accomplishments and victories. We have embraced opportunities and fallen in fear. We have been brave when it would have been easier to hide away. We have hidden when we could have conquered. We both cry and laugh. We both smile and scowl. We cry victory when it feels like defeat and have many more battles to defeat. Neither I nor you is more loved by our Father. We are both important and special in His eyes. The difference between you and me is that I am on this end, and you are on that. I am here to be the hands and feet that Jesus wants to be to you. We are in this together.

The immediate shock of being pregnant is an emotional experience, no matter what age, gender, status, race or religion someone is. It is my priority to help women and men feel safe and to know that they have a friend who will help them discover the practical definition of being a mom or a dad. We have multiple resources in the community to connect parents with, especially if they do not have much of a support system. However, if you’re pregnant and after talking about parenting options come to the decision that your child would benefit more from being adopted, I am happy to be your advocate in helping you find a loving family who desires to give a child a safe, warm & happy home!

“Adoption is supposed to be about finding parents and families for children who need them, not about finding children for adults who would like to parent” – The Whole Life Adoption Book

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