Support group for healing will begin January 18, 2014

Deep Wounds, Deep Healing


Everyone has experienced woundedness. Some wounds occurred during our developmental ages of zero to eighteen. A wound is an inner brokenness and pain produced by an event or series of events wherein the individual’s core needs are unmet or when the person experiences unjust treatment that damages them mentally, emotionally, physically or spiritually resulting in undue stress. In addition, wounding can also be caused by perceived inequity, injustice, and unfairness caused by jealousy, and misunderstanding.

†  Woundedness may occur if the following core needs are unmet:

 A safe secure environment                 

†  Unconditional love and acceptance

†  Basic care and nurture

†  Encouragement to grow and develop personal gifts and talents

†  Connection and belonging

†  Feeling needed and useful

 The above list is not exhaustive but we can get a good idea of what unmet needs look like. A child growing up in an unsafe broken home that was not safe possibly due to the people who lived in the home or individuals that visited the home. Everyone needs love, encouragement and acceptance because they help us to have a healthy self-image and a well-adjusted life. When we connect with our family and friends, it helps our social skills that form a willingness to belong in a community.

Woundedness occurs in our hearts and souls, when our needs are unmet or not provided for in our developmental years. Our soul consists of our mind, will, and emotions. Wounds can become problematic for individuals because they are open sores to our heart and soul. The way individuals compensate for unmet needs are to replace them with some form of coping mechanism. Coping mechanism are behaviors we embrace to hide or mask the pain we experience in the past to fill a deep need.

Deep wounds need deep healing. The answer is not masking our hurt and pain through coping mechanisms. Eventually there is a need to find other mechanism to help us cope, which could lead to dysfunctional behavior, bad habits and/or addictions.

So many have had their hearts broken, just from the losses we experience in our lives, which results in deep wounds. In the book of Isaiah 61:1, Isaiah proclaims that the Lord Jesus Christ was sent  to bind up the brokenhearted, to proclaim liberty to the captives, and the opening of the prison to those who are bound because deep wounds need deep healing by Lord Jesus.

If you are interested in experiencing deep healing for your deep wounds, please join us at Christian Family Services (CFS) for an eight-week group series titled: Deep Wounds, Deep Healing. The group series is for women only.  The group will begin January 18, 2014. Time to be determined and will be posted.

LaVern Kimbrough, MA, LLP