Counseling Staff

Julie Grant, MA, LPC

Licensed Professional Counselor
Services Include: Adults, Adolescents

Areas of Specialization:
Depression; Anxiety; Healthy Self-Image; Boundaries and Relationships; Adjustment to Life Transitions; Chronic Illness; Grief; Adult ADD

Clinical Supervision of Michigan LLPC’s

Seeking counseling can be an exciting, exhilarating, or even terrifying thing. There is nothing better for me as a therapist than seeing the relief and hope cross clients’ faces as they realize they’re not alone or crazy and that life can be better.

I use a variety of approaches to counseling in an effort to meet the needs of clients as the individuals they are. The strategies I use are all backed by research and fit within a biblical worldview. I’ve found time and again that when people are able to acknowledge their feelings, adjust their thought patterns, make the connections between past and present events and relationships, and address physical and environmental contributors, they can experience a freedom and joy they’ve never found before. Each person is unique, and each brings their own history, needs, and strengths. I draw on all of those as I work with people to gain the healing and growth they’re looking for.

As a Christian, I treat each person as one God created very carefully with immeasurable value and a distinct purpose regardless of their level of faith (or lack thereof). I don’t proselytize or pressure those for whom God is not a part of their lives, but also love to build people up in their faith if they have it.

My professional background includes experience in inpatient and partial hospitalization programs, private counseling, hospice bereavement, college counseling, life coaching and adoption. I’ve worked with people of various ages and life stages as well as varying levels of mental health and illness.

In addition to counseling and life coaching, I also supervise Limited Licensed Professional Counselors as they complete the requirements for their full licensure. This is as exciting for me as direct counseling, as I have the privilege of helping other counselors find their passions, refine their skills, and prepare to build their practices.

In-person, Video Session or Phone Sessions available.

I can provide a statement that can be submitted to the client’s insurance company for reimbursement (if plan allows).

Keith Herriman, MA,  TLLP**

Temporary Limited Licensed Psychologist
Services Include: Adolescent & Young Adult Males, Adults, Families

Areas of Specialization
Video Game & Technology Related Issues, Depression, Adjustment Problems, Time Management, ADHD, Anxiety, OCD

I have always valued and enjoyed helping others in all sorts of ways. However, once I attended my first psychology course I immediately knew that the field of mental health was how I wanted to help people for the rest of my life. I am extremely passionate about learning and gaining better understanding about each individual person’s thoughts, feelings, behaviors, relationships, etc. It is this passion which began in 2006 that led me to graduate Wayne State University with a B.A. majoring in Psychology and to then go on to graduate Moody Theological Seminary with a Master of Arts in Counseling Psychology in 2013. I am currently a Temporary Limited License Psychologist (TLLP) working towards becoming a Limited License Psychologist (LLP). I can confidently say that my passion for psychology and helping others through psychotherapy has only increased over the years.

I specialize in therapy for boys ranging anywhere from Kindergarten through adolescence and into young adulthood. Ever since I began my work as a psychologist, I have been aware of a lack of therapists that can genuinely relate to and understand the interests, concerns, hobbies, etc. of the boys growing up in today’s world. In addition to seeing these kids in therapy, I have also been working at a church 3 days a week for about 5 years specifically with the children grades K-5 & the Middle Schoolers. My personal experience working with these boys has consistently shown that they are less guarded in our sessions, are visibly excited to talk about their interests with me once I provide intimate knowledge of these interests (e.g., video games, phone games, apps, TV shows, movies, etc.), and they engage in open and honest conversations being able to express their thoughts and feelings with me which they often times haven’t felt comfortable enough to share anywhere else.

Couples therapy is another specialty area that I thoroughly enjoy and believe this type of therapy creates unique situations and opportunities for all involved that aren’t available in individual therapy. I approach couples therapy with the belief that couples will benefit most by my ability to remain impartial throughout, not playing favorites or siding with one person against the other. Instead, I focus on identifying the dynamics of the relationship both in sessions and in day-to-day life and the unique backgrounds and childhood experiences of each partner and their potential influence on their current relationship. Early on in therapy I identify unhealthy and unproductive behaviors of the couple and establish session rules so that future sessions can be productive and both partners feel they were heard and able to express their thoughts during each sessions. The success or failure of a couple is determined essentially by whether or not they are committed to working on their relationship. Any couple that is willing to commit to their relationship—I will gladly work with them in therapy.

I also thoroughly enjoy working with adults of all ages both men and women. I work with a variety of issues, such as: depression; anxiety; interpersonal relationship conflict; workplace conflict; boundaries in relationships; ADHD; OCD; video game and other electronic related problems; dealing with self-destructive loved ones; parenting issues; and others.

My overall approach to therapy is from a cognitive-behavioral perspective. Any type of therapy I provide will be focused on identifying unhealthy thoughts and behaviors and replacing them with healthy thoughts and behaviors. I regard cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) as an approach that is concerned with treating the individual as a whole, both mind and body, which can even be applied to couples or family therapy when each partner or family member is focused on correcting their own behaviors and thoughts leading to healthier interactions with each other. When working with pre-adolescent children, therapy may focus more on addressing their behaviors and less on their thoughts since they may not be capable yet of more complex and abstract thinking.

In-person, Video Session or Phone Sessions available.

I do provide a bill that can be submitted to the client’s insurance company.

Office Locations: 33100 Grand River Ave Farmington, MI 48336     17105 W. 12 Mile Rd Southfield, MI 48076    Phone (Call or Text): 248.733.5031

LaVern Kimbrough, MA,  LLP*

Limited Licensed Psychologist
Services Include: Adults, couples, children, groups

Areas of Specialization:
Significant Loss and Grief, Depression and Anxiety, Life Transition and Adjustment, Chronic Illness
Women’s Sexual Addiction, Premarital

Linda Coy, RN, MA, LPC

Registered Nurse, Licensed Professional Counselor

Services Include: Children, Adolescents, Adults, Families, Couples, Groups

Areas of Specialization:
Significant Loss and Grief; Anxiety and Depression; Adjustment Problems; Communication Skills; Conflict Resolution

Rev. Dr. Clayton Smith, M Div, D Min

Pastoral counselor

Services Include: Adult Males,Senior Pastors,clergy,individuals and married couples.

Areas of Specialization: Pastoral concerns/issues, Healthy emotional processes, Anxiety, Grief, Healthy pre-marital/marital relations.

Veronica Thomas, MA TLLP

Services include:  Marital and Premarital, Adoption,  Child or Adolescent
Areas of Specialization: Anxiety, Coping Skills. Depression, Family Conflict, Grief, Life Transitions, Parenting, Pregnancy, Prenatal, Postpartum, Relationship Issues,Self Esteem, Spirituality, Women’s Issues
Finding hope among the confusion and chaos of everyday life can be challenging. My desire for you is that we can work together to find that HOPE for you in your situation. In my experience, I have found that meeting people where they are at, having a listening ear and teaching some essential skills will help us go the distance in your healing process. I have a passion to bring restoration to broken family dynamics, rebuilding marriages, coming alongside adolescents and addressing a variety of women’s issues.
I trained students in a Master’s level psychology program for 2 years. I like to work with blended-family dynamics. For couples, I am certified in Gottman Level 1 & 2 therapy. Most recently, I completed an intensive training on Psychological and Spiritual First Aid.
I have 3.5 years of experience in adoptions and a combined total of 4 years of high school ministry work. I approach therapy from a Christian World View however I am happy and excited about working with people who have not come from that same belief system.


*Limited Licensed Psychologists are supervised by a Fully Licensed Psychologist

**Temporary Limited Licensed Psychologist are supervised by a Fully Licensed Psychologist

***Limited Licensed Professional Counselors are supervised by a Fully Licensed Professional Counselor