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What is a Home study?

A home study, also called a Pre-Placement Assessment, is a process that results in a formal report that describes your family’s ability (from a legal perspective) to provide a nurturing, caring, safe, and secure environment for a prospective adoptive child. The State of Michigan requires that any prospective adoptive family have a home study performed and documented that assures that the family is able and willing to care for an adoptive child.  The information that we gather for the home study is mandated by law, and includes clearances through the State of Michigan child abuse registry, State of Michigan and FBI criminal conviction registry and assessment of the family’s physical, emotional and financial stability.

Home study Requirements

The actual home study process generally takes several weeks to complete, although the process can be expedited if timing is important.  The process includes a series of interviews which culminates in a visit by the social worker to your home.


The current fee for a home study is $1,850 plus mileage to your home. The fee for a Hague approved international home study is $2,150 plus mileage to your home. Of course, you can also contact us if you’d like to work through CFS to facilitate the entire adoption process.

Appointments and Information

You may request additional information or schedule an appointment with Audrey by calling (248) 557-8390 ext. 202, (248) 635-8555 or emailing

Frequently Asked Questions

Can a home study done by CFS be used for adoption through another agency or a lawyer?

Yes.  A home study completed CFS can be used for any intrastate, interstate or international adoption. CFS coordinates with other agencies and attorneys, including international and Hague-approved facilitators.

Who will actually work with us to put together our home study?

Our state-licensed Social Worker, Audrey Brown, LBSW, is our home study specialist and is ready to assist you in your adoptive family evaluation. Through Christian Family Services, Audrey Brown has significant experience in preparing evaluations for families adopting domestically and internationally.