Counseling Services

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Workshops & Training

The staff of Christian Family Services has expertise in different areas of their professional practice. They are available to speak to various groups in the community upon request.
CFS provides counseling help for many personal, family, and group situations. Specifically, services are
available in the following areas:
-Individual Therapy
-Marital Therapy
-Family Therapy
-Premarital Counseling
-Group Therapy

Appointments & Information

Counseling sessions are scheduled by appointment by calling (248) 557-8390. Daytime and evening
appointments are available Monday through Friday. Our receptionist is available to take your call between
10:00 AM and 4:00 PM, Monday through Thursday. Counseling fees are based on a sliding scale according
to income.Please call our office at (248) 557-8390 to for more information or to schedule an appointment.We do not bill insurance companies directly. Therapists do provide appropriate documentation whereby
clients may submit for reimbursement from their insurance company where such coverage is available.

Counseling Staff

We offer counseling from a Biblical worldview that guides our understanding of people and their
problems, along with their remedy.The counseling staff includes licensed professional counselors. Each
has earned at least a Master’s degree; all counselors are committed to ongoing professional development.
The counseling staff works as a team to provide the highest quality services within the context of a caring
Christian relationship.Our Counseling Staff:
Julie Grant, M.A., L.P.C.
LaVern Kimbrough, M.A., L.L.P.
Keith Herriman, M.A., T.L.L.P.
Rev. Dr. Clayton Smith, M.Div D. Min.
Linda Sorscher, B.S.N., M.A., L.P.C.