Christian Family Services provides several different types of services, including evaluation (home study), unplanned pregnancy counseling, court accompaniment, birth parent counseling, post-placement services, birth/adoptive parent meeting facilitation, post-placement correspondence services and reunification facilitation.

CFS provides services to prospective adoptive families in three different types of situations.

• Traditional Adoption Program – includes all aspects of the adoption process, including seeking out and showing profiles to prospective birth mothers
• Independent Adoption Program – includes all aspects of the adoption process except seeking birth mothers; for those who identify their own birth family
• Specific Services – home studies, post-placement supervision and other services as needed, depending on the circumstances of the adoption; for those who are working with another agency or an attorney

CFS will also provide services to just one party in the adoption triad in situations involving other agencies or interstate adoptions.


When a Child is Placed in an Adoptive Home

Most children are placed into the prospective adoptive parents’ home through a direct placement adoption, which enables them to take the child directly from the hospital to their home. In special cases, licensed Christian interim care is provided for our infants and children until they are legally free for permanent placement in an adoptive home.


What Can be Expected After a Child is Placed in an Adoptive Home

After placement and court approval, our adoption department will make monthly supervisory visits to the home until finalization. This is mandated by the State of Michigan and its purpose is to ensure a healthy placement for all involved.


Criteria to Adopt Through CFS’ Traditional Adoption Program

Christian Family Services offers a traditional adoption program in which we actively seek out potential birth families and help to match them with prospective adoptive families. As a licensed Child Placing Agency, we are required to adhere to the strict adoption standards set by the State of Michigan. However, as a private Christian agency, we have additional criteria:

• Christians who have a relationship with God through Jesus Christ
• Married for at least two years
• Must understand and agree with CFS’ doctrinal statement

Traditional Adoptions:
• Potential birth parents inquire about our services and seek profiles of couples who are approved and on our waiting list.

The above criteria do not apply to families seeking services outside of our traditional adoption program.


Adoption Fees

• Traditional Adoption: $15,000*

• Independent Adoption: $13.400*

• Representation of birth family in an adoption: $5,200*

• Representation of a prospective adoptive family who is already home study approved: $7,300*

• Representation of a prospective adoptive family in an adoption who also requires a home study: $8,200

• Adoptive Family Evaluations/Pre-Placement Assessments (Home study): $2,000*

• Adoption Services for the adoption of a Special Needs Child:  $5,000*

• Hague Approved Adoptive Family Evaluations/Pre-Placement Assessments for International Adoption (Home study) $2,500*

• Post-Placement Supervisory Visits: $400 per visit^

• Home Study Update when original is prepared by CFS: $950*

• Hague Approved Home Study Update when original is prepared by CFS: $1,000*

• Home Study Update when original is not prepared by CFS: $1,100*

• Hague Approved Home Study Update when original is not prepared by CFS: $1,200*

• *All travel to visits are charged mileage at the current IRS rate and $30/hour driving fee for travel over 1 hour 

Additional Fees:

• Intermediary Services: $100/hour

Please call our office at (248) 557-8390 to request our initial information packet for adoptive families. It will contain detailed information and questionnaires.